Shipping Address Help

Delivery Information
Your job account address and other fields are already pre-populated. If you’re using a shop account, you can have your orders delivered to a different address.
You can either choose to have your items delivered once they're available, or delivered all at once.
  • “Deliver as items become available realizing this may result in multiple shipments” - This will have your items sent to you once they are available.  This may cause some items to come before others, as different items have different availabilities
  • “Deliver complete when all items are available'.  - All items will arrive at the same time, once all items are available. Preferred Delivery Date and Time are required fields, and you can adjust them using the calendar icon and time selector.
If you have chosen Will Call, you can verify the pickup location on this page. If you need to adjust the pickup, click ‘Your Cart’ and you will be brought back to the cart to choose a different branch to pick up your order from. 

Make sure to enter any special instructions you want to convey to your branch team. A sales associate will work with you to deliver what you need when you need it.  Click on “Continue Checkout” to go to the “Payment and Review Order page”.