Treatment Plant Solutions

Fortiline’s Treatment Plant Group provides a turn-key source of pipe, valve and fitting packages for water, wastewater and industrial treatment plant contractors nationwide.

What are Treatment Plants?
Water treatment plants are used to process raw water sources for drinking water. Intake, sedimentation/flocculation, filtration, chemical treatments, disinfection, ground storage, and high service distribution are typical aspects of these facilities.

Wastewater treatment plants are used to process sanitary waste streams so that discharges to the environment are acceptable. Treatment types vary greatly, but generally involve screening, grit removal, primary clarification, biological process, secondary clarification, filtration, disinfection, solids handling, and outfall.

Industrial treatment plants are specialized plants that neutralize specific waste streams such that they can be discharged into municipal sanitary sewer systems. These systems may be biologically and/or chemically based, and are specific to the type of waste that needs to be treated.

Why choose Fortiline?
With more than 200 years of team experience in treatment plant design, construction, and supply, our highly skilled staff offers a Contractor the convenience of a single call facilitating delivery of all materials to any job site throughout the country. With a talented Project Management staff located both in Concord, NC and Tulsa, OK, we have the ability to service all regions for the treatment plant industry. By utilizing competitive pricing, extensive stock in nearly 50 branches and a very experienced support team, Fortiline’s Treatment Plant Group has the unmatched ability to be a full service supplier and partner to all treatment plant contractors.

Ductile Iron Pipe, Fittings & Restraints
Stainless & Carbon Steel Pipe & Fittings
Complete Line of Valves & Actuators
PVC & Chemical Feed Systems
Pipe Hangers & Supports
Yard Hydrants, FDC’s and Emergency Showers
Precast Vaults & Drainage Piping

Comprehensive BOM Takeoff / Quote by System
Detailed CADD Piping Drawings
Complete RJ Lay Schedules
Material Schedules for all Product Groups
Dedicated Project Manager for each Contract
Detailed Submittals for all Materials
Overnight Sourcing for Emergency Items

Treatment Plant Group

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East Coast Manager
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Florida Division Manager
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Central Division Manager
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West Coast Division Manager