Meter Solutions

Meter System Solutions
Fortiline has partnered with leading meter manufacturers to bring our customers the most accurate, reliable, and easy to use meter system solutions to go along with Fortiline’s outstanding customer service experience. Our knowledgeable meter sales team can assist you with your selection of water meters: from the purchase of new meters, moving towards an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, or to a full system deployment of a world-class Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) solution. Fortiline is ready to assist you on your path to reduce your Non-Revenue Water (NRW), improve your system performance, and increase total revenue for your utility.

Meter Services Solutions
Fortiline has the ability to serve as your complete meter services solutions with many options available to help you maintain your water meter system. We have extensive experience with all water meters, AMR, and AMI systems on the market. Fortiline can provide customized programs to evaluate the condition of your metering system, correct immediate problems and keep it running smoothly for the long term. Let us support you and take care of all your meter needs in order to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your meter system.
Services Provided:
  • Meter Testing
  • Meter Maintenance Programs
  • Meter Installation
  • Water Accountability Services

Additional Information:

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Find a Meter Specialist :

Anthony Chandler
(251) 243-1200 

Jeremy Brown
(360) 610-5808 

Rick Kemp
(407) 340-5674

John Burroughs
(770) 855-2262

Jake Darrington

Paul Harrison
(270) 535-0342

Jake Darrington

North Carolina
Josh Allison
(678) 300-3023

Anthony Graham
(980) 255-9865

San Antonio / Austin
Blake Thompson
(512) 365-9693

South Carolina 
Josh Allison
(678) 300-3023

David Schock
(615) 995-9479

Texas (DFW/North TX)
Clint Lake
(817) 320-6412

Texas (Houston)
AJ Johnston
(832) 570-3191

Texas (San Antonio/South TX)
Clint Lake
(817) 320-6412

Charlie Pence
(434) 962-3245

West Virginia
Charlie Pence
(434) 962-3245