My Lists Help

There are several reasons on why you may want to create a list:
  1. Easily reference commonly used products,
  2. Save a bill of material that goes with a repeatable job
  3. Quickly reorder items you buy most often.  
Using lists will save you time by minimizing the need to search for the same products over and over again.
To get started, Click on ‘My Lists’ at the top right red nav bar. Lists are shared by all users who have access to the account, so you may see lists created by other users from your company. To open a list, click on the drop down arrow to reveal all of the saved lists and select the one you wish to view.  This will reveal the products and quantities saved for each product in the list.  You can easily change quantities for any of the products on the list. While viewing a list you’ll notice that you can add products to your cart to quickly place an order or export the list to Excel to easily analyze or copy product data to your estimating or accounting system.
You can also add items to your lists directly from search results. From the search results, find the product you’re interested in, and click on the ‘add to list’ link.  From there, you can either add it to a pre-existing list, or create a new one. You can also add items to your list from the Product Details Page, or from the Product Comparison page.
Another way to create a list is from your cart or order history.  A reason you might do this is because the order is associated to a common job that you perform frequently. You can access orders from your invoices or from orders.   From there, you can add items to your lists.