Waterworks Solutions

Morrison Waterworks provides products for contractors and municipalities in every aspect of public water, private water, sanitary sewer and stormwater management industries.  We provide accurate information and quotes so that customers can bid jobs with confidence, knowing we can service their every need. With locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Louisiana, we can service our customers with same day deliveries. Additionally, a 24-hour emergency service is also available in some areas. Morrison Waterworks can offer an array of solutions for every need a customer might have:

Water Products:

  • PVC Pipe, hydrants, valves, ductile fittings, waterworks brass, meters, repair clamps, connection fittings, branching fittings, engineered fittings and fabricated specialty items

Sewer products:

  • Sewer pipe, fittings, pre-cast manholes, sewer castings, lifts stations

Storm water solutions:

  • HDPE Storm Pipe and drainage products to meet the demand of the engineering design and contractor communities
  • Storm water retention and detention systems to meet your next storm water management system’s needs
  • Water quality products to efficiently and effectively treat stormwater and provide sediment control
  • Municipal and storm Castings
  • Precast inlets, manholes and RCP pipe

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