Stormwater Solutions

Fortiline’s Storm Water team offers a solution-based suite of products that meet the needs of private, commercial and municipal customer groups throughout our geographic coverage areas.

Created in 2005 to offer an array of drainage supplies and services, the goal of the Storm Water Solutions Group is to be a leader in the Water Quality and Drainage Industries by investigating, understanding and servicing the expanding drainage needs of our customers.

Storm Water Products
ADS HDPE Pipe and Fittings
ADS HP Pipe and Fittings
Nyloplast Drainage Structures
StormTech Storm Chambers
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Precast Concrete Structures
Manhole/Catch Basin Frame and Grates/Covers
Channel/Trench Drains
ADS/NDS Plastic Basins
Corrugated Metal Pipe
Slotted Drains
Inserta Tee

Water Quality/Erosion Control Products
ADS Water Quality Units
Pond Skimmers
BaySaver Water Quality Units
Vortechnic Water Quality Devices
FLEXSTORM™Inlet Protection Devices
Dandy Inlet Protection Products
Silt Saver Inlet Protection Products
Erosion Control Blankets
Coir Fiber Mats
Coir Fiber Baffles
Turf Reinforcement Mats
Staples, Stakes and Fabric Pins
Turbidity Curtains
Wattles; Sediment Logs
Silt Fence

Services and Industries
Surface Drainage
Storm Sewer Conveyance
Retail, Business and Subdivision Storm Water Management
Municipal Utility Maintenance and Rehabilitation
State Department of Transportation Projects
Combined Sewer Separation
Home/Yard/Building Drainage
Water Quality/Treatment
EPA Phase II Compliance Implementation
Concentrated Flow Control
Degradable Sediment Control Barriers
Storm Drain Sediment Control Devices
Site Discharge Clarification
Waterway Sediment Control Protection
Erosion Control
Landfill/Waste Disposal Management
Green Building Sustainable Infrastructure
Turf and Recreation

Stormwater Solutions Group

Kem Chandler
Stormwater Solutions Group