12" x 24", Fusion Bonded Thermoplastic Epoxy Coated, 14 Gauge, Carbon Steel, 2-Piece, Casing Spacer for Pipe

FTLSP1224 MFG #: SP1224
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Each Shell Shall be Lined with a Ribbed PVC Extrusion with a Retaining Ridge that Overlaps the Shell to Prevent Slippage; Runner Surface Shall be UHMW Polymer for Abrasion Resistance and a Low Coefficient of Friction
Casing Spacer; Item Casing Spacer; Type 2-Piece, Circular; Designated Size 12 Inch x 24 Inch; Material 14 Gauge Carbon Steel; Finish Fusion Bonded Thermoplastic Epoxy Coated; Used On Item Concrete/Ductile Iron/Plastic/Steel/Polyethylene Pipe; Width 8 Inch; Application Water and Sewer Pipeline; Includes (18) 5/16 Inch Stainless Steel Bolt, 5/16 Inch Hex Nut