8" Pipe, 8" Branch, 8.95 to 9.35" OD, 225 PSI, Lead-Free, SBR Gasket, Stainless Steel Body/Flange, Heavy Duty, Tapping Sleeve

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Easy to Install - Lighter and Fewer Parts than Mechanical Joint Iron Tapping Sleeves; Branch Inner Diameter 0.5 Inch Larger than Nominal Size; Full Hoop Support and Double O-Ring Branch Seal; Each Sleeve Hydrostatically Tested to 1.5 Times Rated Working Pressure at Factory; Size-on-Size Sleeves within this Range Require a 1/2 Inch Undersize Cutter; Lead-Free
Tapping Sleeve; Type Heavy Duty; Nominal Pipe Size 8 Inch; Pipe Outside Diameter 8.95 to 9.35 Inch; Branch/Flange Outlet Size 8 Inch; End to End Sleeve Dimension 21 Inch; Body Material T304 Stainless Steel; Flange Material T304 Stainless Steel; Gasket Material SBR; Pressure Rating 225 PSI; Inclusions/Features T304 Stainless Steel Flange/Fastener/Bearing Washer/Washer Plate/Shell/Lug, Nylon Lubricating Washer, Virgin SBR Gasket; Applicable Standard NSF/ANSI 61, AWWA C223, UL; Lead-Free; Torque Range 75 to 120 Foot-Pound; Minimum Test Pressure 225 PSI