The Crucial Role of Civil Contractors in World Water Day

World Water Day is recognized annually on March 22. First declared in 1993, World Water Day was established by the United Nations Water (UN-Water) to celebrate the importance of fresh water and the crucial role it plays in our society. However, with more than 2.2 billion individuals living without access to safe water sources, World Water Day is also acknowledged as a period of awareness for the ongoing global water crisis. 
Learn why World Water Day is celebrated and how essential civil contractors continue to support the water supply infrastructure across the globe.

What Is World Water Day and Why Is It Important? 

World Water Day is observed annually to help society truly grasp the importance of water on a global scale. As our world’s most critical natural resource, water is a key support factor in all economic and social activity worldwide. Without the presence of water, large cities would fail to function correctly, essential economic activity would deteriorate, and surrounding environment conditions would collapse.
Sadly, billions of people who live in underdeveloped countries struggle to access safe water resources daily. The night and day comparison of water access in well-developed countries to that of underdeveloped areas across the globe creates the question of what the value of water truly is. The answer may surprise you.

Redefining the Value of Water

The current campaign theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water. As global economic development continues to change and populations multiply, the demand for water only continues to climb. Rather than focusing on the price itself, this year it focuses on five different perspectives that determine how water is managed and shared.
  1. Valuing Water Sources: Natural water resources and ecosystems
  2. Valuing Water Infrastructure: Storage, treatment, and supply
  3. Valuing Water Services: Drinking supply, sanitation, and health services
  4. Valuing Water for Production and Economic Activity: Agriculture, energy industry, business, and employment 
  5. Valuing Sociocultural Aspects of Water: Recreation and cultural attributes
Without the consideration of these five perspectives, no one can truly understand the value of water. From the value of water infrastructure to water services, it’s the work of civil contractors who make access to safe water possible. 

What Civil Contractors Do in the World of Water

Civil construction is considered the development of infrastructure surrounding society’s essential resources, such as water and electricity. In the world of water, the ongoing role of civil contractors is crucial to the maintenance and development of our society’s water supply and distribution systems. From city sewer and stormwater utility workers to commercial plumbers, civil contractors make our world’s water supply infrastructure possible.

Highlighting the Importance of Civil Contractors' Roles

Returning to the value of water that World Water Day 2021 focuses on, water infrastructure and water services are powered by thousands of civil contractors. In order to supply people with safe water sources, numerous steps have to be completed before distribution. 
For instance, water storage and treatment workers are the contractors who make your water safe for consumption and use. City underground water and sewer workers ensure that local distribution reaches all necessary locations while separating contaminated and unsafe water from the main water supply. Plumbing contractors generate and maintain a functioning home or business water supply. 
While this is just a small list of examples, water infrastructure wouldn't be possible without the hard work of civil contractors and the many roles they play.

How World Water Day and the Work of Civil Contractors Unite

On a day we observe the value of water and learn how water is managed and shared, World Water Day and civil contractors come together. Understanding the value of water also means understanding the processes and people who make it possible. As populations rise and the demand for safe water sources continues to skyrocket, civil contractors continue to play an essential role.

Value Water and Those Who Make Clean Water Possible 

For many of us, the luxury of water is a resource we’ve been fortunate enough to never struggle to access. At Fortiline Waterworks by MORSCO, we understand the intensive work and long hours it takes to make safe water accessible to all. While taking the time to understand the value and importance of water this World Water Day, try to also thank any civil contractors you know for their work as Proudly Essential Pros.