HDPE Fusion Rental & Services

Fusion Rentals

Fortiline carries a full line of McElroy rental equipment, including McElroy fusion machines, electrofusion processors, generators, accessories and more. With McElroy machines at our locations, we can meet the needs of polyethylene installation professionals throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States.

Fusion Technicians

Fortiline’s McElroy-certified fusion technicians can assist with any size project. Our technicians will safely operate the fusion machines you need to meet your deadlines and create leak-free, long-lasting pipelines when and where you need them.

Field Support

Our fusion technicians are available to troubleshoot any polyethylene issue. Fortiline’s staff has more than 40 years of experience in the field and has the knowledge to answer all your HDPE fusion questions.

Equipment Repair

Fortiline’s certified mechanics can repair, replace, and warranty all McElroy equipment and parts quickly and within budget at any location where you need service.

To Schedule Rental or Service

Dennis Barnette
Group Operations Manager

Sean Sullivan
HDPE Support Specialist

Greg Geiger
HDPE Product Specialist