Invoices Help

Invoice Header
Invoices can be accessed from "My Account".  This will give you information on all of your invoices, paid and unpaid.
Invoice Search
The search functionality allows you to quickly and easily find the invoice you're looking for by status, account #, PO, Invoice #, and more.  
Invoice Body
From here, you can access individual invoices by clicking the icon to the far left, go to the respective order by clicking the order number, save/print the PDF's, or download a CSV with the invoice information. You can print/save multiple invoices by checking the ones you want and clicking either "Save PDFs", "Print PDFs", or "Download CSV's".

If you are looking for proof of delivery, the POD signature is on the bottom of each invoice for all orders delivered to a jobsite or picked up at our counter, as long as it was for paid for on account.

Proof of Deliveries are also easily available by selecting the invoices you need, then click Print PDFs.
We also provide you with several other ways to sort and search invoices.  To sort, click on a column header like Invoice Date or Due Date and your invoices will sort by that column.  Need to find a specific invoice? We provide a search feature so you can type in an invoice number or PO number, or search via date range. 
One last option to find an invoice is by reviewing your Order History.  Right on the Order History page, you can find the invoice document you need on the right side of the results list.  On invoiced orders, you can find your Invoice on the top right side of the Invoiced Order page. Clicking the document provides you with your invoice and proof of delivery.