12" Pipe, 13.2" OD, 13.5" OD and 13.65" OD, 150 PSI, Shop Coated, Ductile Iron, SBR Gasket, Bell Joint Leak, Pipe Repair Clamp

FTLROM12516 MFG #: 216-12
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Provide a Fast, Economical Means of Repairing or Preventing Leaks in Cast Iron Bells, Caulked or Rubber Ring Joints; Our Unique Gasket and Ring Design Enables a Single Clamp to Fit Both Caulked and Rubber Ring Joints for Most Classes of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Pipe within a Nominal Size; Stainless Steel Armor to Bridge Gap Between Castings; Made in USA
Pipe Repair Clamp; Type Bell Joint Leak; Nominal Pipe Size 12 Inch; Clamp Range 13.2 Inch, 13.5 Inch and 13.65 Inch; Number of Bolts 8; Bolt Size 5/8 Inch Diameter x 17 Inch Length; Body Material ASTM A536 65-45-12 Ductile Iron; Finish Shop Coated; Gasket Material ASTM D2000 MBA 710 SBR; Pressure Rating 150 PSI; Inclusions/Features AWWA C111 UNC Rolled Threaded High Strength Low Alloy Steel Bolt, AWWA C111 UNC Rolled Thread Heavy Hex High Strength Low Alloy Nut, Stainless Steel Armor; Used On Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, AWWA C900 PVC Pipe; Application Repair or Prevention of Leaks in Bells, Caulked or Rubber Ring Joints