18" x 12" x 13", Black, Polypropylene, Water Meter Logo, Solid, Meter Box

FTLDFW1300121 MFG #: DFW1300-12-1
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Wall Design-Light Duty Boxes are Designed with Extra Ribbing to Increase the Strength of the Box to Withstand Sidewall Compression; Bottom Flange of Box-Light Duty Boxes have Bottom Flanges to Help Prevent Sinking and Provide Extra Strength to Protect the Water Meters that are Installed in the Box; Tapered Walls of Box-Light Duty Boxes have Tapered Walls to Help Distribute the Wall Compression from the Bedding of the Box and to Give Added Strength in Vertical Compression; Lid-Light Duty Lids are "T" Lid Style, on the 12 Inch Standard and 12 Inch Jumbo the Lid Sits Down in the Box to Create a Drop-in Look but Provides 2 Levels of Support; Load Rating-Light Duty Boxes and Lids are Rated for Non-Deliberate Incidental Traffic; Locking Mechanisms for Lid-Light Duty Boxes and Lids are Snap Down, Bolt Down or Key Lock Mechanism
Height 13 Inch; Width 18 Inch; Depth 12 Inch; Material Polypropylene; Color Black; Base Type Solid; Cover Logo Water Meter