10", 13 PSI Back, 35 PSI Inflation, Natural Rubber, Pneumatic, Single Size, Test Ball Plug

FTLCH262110 MFG #: 262110
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Muni-Ball Plugs are Supplied with Schrader Tire Inflation Valves; Multi-Size Muni-Ball Plugs Allow Less Inventory; It Include New Modified Plug for Sewer Air Test; Works in All Types of Pipe; Easily Converts to an Air Test Plug with Use of a Conversion Kit; Durable Natural Rubber Construction Seals the Roughest of Surfaces; Threaded Aluminum Bypass
Test Ball Plug; Item Test Ball Plug; Type Single Size; Drain Line Diameter 10 Inch; Plug/Ball Diameter 8.75 Inch (Deflated); Plug/Ball Length 11.75 Inch (Deflated); Bypass Connection 3 Inch Female Threaded; Eye Bolt Size 3/8 Inch; Number of Eye Bolts 1; Material Natural Rubber; Operation Type Pneumatic; Inflation Valve Type Schrader Tire; Inflation Valve Connection 1/4 Inch Threaded; Inflation Pressure 35 PSI; Allowable Test/Back Pressure 13 PSI (Back); Allowable Pressure Head 30 Foot; Application Sewer Air Test, Municipal Infrastructure, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Pipe System, Residential/Commercial Piping System; Usage Range 9 to 10.25 Inch; Bypass Material Aluminum