4" x 4" x 4", Hub x Hub x Hub, Schedule 40, Fabricated, PVC-DWV, Combination, Straight, Wye

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PVC Pipe and Fittings are Easily Handled, Stored, Cut and Joined, Meaning Significant Reductions in Labor and Transportation Costs on Typical Installations; PVC DWV Pipe and Fittings Handle Exceptionally well Against Such Chemicals as Acids, Alkalies and Normally Diluted Hydrocarbons; Aggressive Industrial Effluents and Acid Rain are Easily Tolerated as Well; PVC DWV Fittings are Immune to Damage from Naturally Corrosive, Soil Conditions as Well as Electrochemical and Galvanic Corrosion; Our Fittings Non-Corroding Properties Ensure Improved Flow, Lower Maintenance Costs and Longer Performance Life; Lower Thermal Conductivity
Wye Fitting; Type Combination, Straight; Nominal Size 4 Inch; Schedule 40 S; End Connection Hub x Hub x Hub; Material PVC; Material Specification ASTM D2665/F1866; Process Fabricated; Application Sewer Market, Drainage, Effluent Piping, Rainwater Leader for Building, Commercial, Industrial and DWV; Applicable Standard IAPMO, NSF, CSA