1 Gallon Pail with Handle, Blue, BLUE LUBE ™ Pipe Lubricant

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Blue Lube is an Emulsified Polymer Based Lubricant that is Specially Formulated to Prevent Turbidity, Taste and Odor Problem in New Water Main Installation; Independent Test Preformed by Major Municipalities have Shown Blue Lube will Not Promote Turbidity or Transfer Taste and Odor and Completely Flush Out of the System; Blue Lube will not Promote Bacterial Growth and is Safe to Use on all Metal and Plastic Pipe; Non-Toxic; Tasteless and Odorless; Water Soluble; Non-Reactive to Chlorine; Does Not Promote Bacterial Growth; A Blue Viscous Gasket Lubricant for Lubricating All Rubber and Plastic Gasket Used in Mechanical Pipe Coupling Including Gruvlok and Victaulic Type Fitting; Blue Lube Insures Proper Alignment of Gasket for Correct Fit During Pipe Installation; It Work Well on Wet or Dry surface and is suitable for Use on Potable Water System; Blue Lube is Odorless and Cleans up Easily; Safe for Use on All Metal and Plastic Pipe; Made in USA
Pipe Lubricant; Gravity 1.01; Container Type Pail with Handle; Container Size 1 Gallon; Temperature Rating 7 to 150 Deg F; Color Blue; Application All Metal, Plastic and Rubber Gasketed Pipe; Physical Form Paste; Substance Type Mixture; Boiling Point Greater than 212 Deg F; Vapor Density Less than 1; Evaporation Rate Greater than 1; Standard Packaging 4 per Case; Applicable Standard NSF 14/61