5 Gallon Pail with Handle, 105 Deg F Flash Point, 1 Hr Handle, 4 to 6 Hr Recoat, Black, Asphalt Enamel, Gilsonite Enamel Paint

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Black Dragon is a Quick Drying, High Gloss Asphalt Enamel Paint; For Painting Metal, Masonry and Wood Surface, Inside and Out Where a Corrosion Resistance Black Protective Coating is Desired; Provides Excellent Corrosion Protection for All Types of Metal Surface Including Pipe; Fast Dry; One Coat Coverage; Indefinite Shelf Life; Maximum Corrosion Protection; Offers One Coat Coverage with Full Resistance to Water, Acid, Alkalis, Electrolysis and Natural Element; Black Dragon is Free from Flash Solvent Such as Toluene and Xylol; Chromate/Lead-Free; Made in USA
Gilsonite Enamel Paint; Type Asphalt Enamel; Container Capacity 5 Gallon; Container Type Pail with Handle; Color/Shade Black; Touch Dry Time 1 Hour (Handle), 4 to 6 Hour (Recoat/Backfill Underground Pipe); Area Coverage 390 to 535 Square Foot; Application Underground Pipeline, Pipe Fitting, Service Adapter and Coupling, Metal Flange/Bolt, Iron Pipe, Furnace, Boiler, Storage Tank, Masonry Surface, Metal Roof, Automotive Undercarriage, Battery Cable, Water Line and Valve, Metal Natural Gas Piping, Iron Manhole Cover, Traveling Trusses and Walkway, Automobile and Truck Undercarriage, Wood Post and Wood Structure; Lead-Free; Appearance Viscous Fluid; Odor Petroleum; Boiling Point 350 Deg F; Flash Point 105 Deg F; Specific Gravity 0.91; Vapor Density Greater than 3; Vapor Pressure 2.6 MM Hg; Applicable Standard TTC-494, AASHTO M-190, FDOT